How Our Process Works

We treat each position uniquely and will work with you to match your family with the best possible fit!

Nanny Placements:

The nanny placement process takes 2-8 weeks on average. Our process starts with a family consultation where we will come to your home and meet with you to discuss your families need and provide information on our placement process and industry standards for hiring a nanny. A non refundable retainer fee is due during the initial family consultation to get the process started, and if you hire a nanny through our agency, the retainer fee is applied to the final placement fee. The family consultation gives us the opportunity to get to know you and your family better to make the best match possible. During the family consultation we will provide you with all information needed to find, hire and keep your nanny including pay, taxes, contracts, benefits, etc.

After the initial family consultation, we will begin sending you nanny applications to review. The nannies we send you are carefully picked by your placement provider as candidates that we feel would be best for your position. For each position we typically screen around 20-30 applicants and our goal is to send you 2-5 qualified nannies who we believe to be the best match for you. Our goal is to take the stress and time out of the process and only send you top notch candidates!

Before you meet any of the nannies, we will have screened them by phone, conducted a face to face interview, and called three childcare related references, conduct a social media/online screening, and verify CPR/First Aid Certification. Once you find a nanny you’d like to move forward with, a full background check will be run.  Background check includes 7 year driving history, county and federal criminal report, social security verification and sexual offenders registry check.  We conduct an internet and social media search on each nanny as well.  If everything comes back clear on the background check, the remainder of the placement fee will be due. Types of nanny positions are described below. For pricing, please visit the fees section of our website.

Babysitting Placements:

All of our babysitters who work with our agency are fully screened using our same requirements and vetting process we use with our nannies. Most of the sitters in our network are experienced nannies who have been placed with our agency and are looking for additional work. Please read below for our different options for booking fill in daytime sitters, date night sitters and special event sitters. 


Full Time Live In Nanny:

A full time live in nanny position is one where the nanny lives with you in your home. They will typically live in an area separate from the family such as an in law suite or finished basement apartment where they will have their own bedroom, bathroom and living area. A live in nanny is not a 24 hour caregiver but would work a set schedule each week similar to a full time live out nanny. A live in position is often beneficial for families where the parents have irregular work schedules and will often need early mornings, late nights or overnight care.

Full Time Live Out Nanny:

A full time live out nanny position is where a nanny will work between 30-50 hours per week for your family. A typical full time nanny prefers a fairly set schedule in hours and would expect guaranteed hours each week.

Part Time Nanny:

A part time nanny position would be where the nanny would work up to 29 hours per week for your family. Typically the nanny would have a set schedule each week. Part time nannies can vary just a couple of days per week, a weekend position or any other schedule as long as the nanny is guaranteed a certain number of hours per week. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate families looking for after school nannies at this time. 

Family Assistant/Household Manager:                                                                                            

A family assistant/household manager is typically for a family who has kids in school at least part of the day and needs extra assistance for the family or household during that time.  A family assistant can help with anything from meeting with home maintenance workers, preparing meals, grocery shopping or other errands, light housekeeping, helping maintain a family calendar and organization.  A family assistant is a flexible position that you can really tailor to your family’s specific needs.

Newborn Care Specialist (night care):

A newborn care specialist is someone who comes to help you in your home overnight after you bring your baby home from the hospital. A newborn care specialist can work anywhere from a few days to a few months, whatever your need is. They can provide support to let you sleep through the night to get some much needed rest. A newborn care specialist will help you get your baby on a feeding and sleeping schedule, help prepare bottles or bringing baby to you to breastfeed, they can also assist with baby related duties around the house such as baby’s laundry, washing bottles and helping organize the nursery.

Nanny Share:

Nanny shares are becoming increasingly more popular. This is a situation where you have found another family who is looking for a similar schedule and often has similarly aged children as you. You would have your nanny watch the other family’s children with your children. The nanny can alternate between locations but it works best if the other family lives in your area.  We do not match families with other families but if you have a family you are already connected with and would like to do a share, we can find you both a great nanny.

Temporary/Summer Nanny:

This placement is if you need a nanny for less than three months or over the summer. A summer nanny will often be a college student or teacher looking to work as a nanny before the school year starts.

Annual Babysitting Membership:                                                                                                        

For a flat yearly fee, you can join our Annual Babysitting Membership. Once you join, you can get matched with unlimited sitters over the course of the year.  This service is for weeknights after 5pm and weekend babysitting use only.  We require a minimum of 24 hours notice.  There is a 3 hour minimum for the sitter.  All sitters go through the same background check and screening process as the nannies we work with.  Most of our sitters are full or part time nannies during the week, looking for extra night and weekend work as a sitter so they are very experienced.

Daytime fill in sitters:

We can set up one of our fully screened sitters to come to your home during the day. We have a 3 hour minimum for daytime sitters. All daytime sitters go through the same background check and screening process. Babysitting booking fee must be paid to the agency before the sitter comes to do the job. 

Special Event Sitter(s):                                                                                                                                                                              

If you would like to provide your guests with childcare at your upcoming event whether it be a wedding, corporate event, Bar Mitzvah, etc, we can help with that! We will advise you on how many sitters you need based on the number of children and their ages. We also have sitters who can come to your hotel if you will be visiting from out of town.