A Newborn Care Specialist (NCS,) also referred to as a night nurse or night nanny, is a caregiver who is specifically trained in newborn care and works nights typically.

A NCS can work with your family as early as the first night you come home from the hospital! You can schedule a NCS to come as few or as many nights per week as you need but often families will start off with more nights and taper off as their baby or babies start sleeping longer stretches at night. You can hire a NCS for just a couple of weeks up to several months after you have your baby or babies to help you get rest as well as help the baby get on a sleeping and eating schedule. A NCS is especially helpful for families with multiples. Besides just getting more sleep, a NCS can be a wealth of knowledge and support to a new parent and they can help educate you on basic newborn care, feeding techniques, breastfeeding advice and sleep training methods.