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Kristina Alford -Placement Provider (Cincinnati)

I was first introduced to Your Happy Nest in 2014 and I couldn't be more happy to bring it to my hometown of Cincinnati! While volunteering to be an organizer for a National Nanny Training Day, I met the staff of Your Happy Nest and immediately recognized their commitment and support for the needs of both families and nannies.  As a professional nanny with 10 years experience in Cincinnati and another 5 in Atlanta, I know how important this is. My favorite part of being a nanny is the special relationships that I am able to develop with the children I am caring for.  Working with Your Happy Nest has given me the opportunity to help others find the same wonderful experience I enjoy so much. As a new mother I can relate to a parents needs and concerns when hiring someone to care for their child.  As a placement provider my goal is to take the stress out of finding an exceptional nanny so that parents can have the peace of mind knowing their child is in great hands.