Your Happy Nanny- Sheena Roetman

Meet Sheena Roetman, Your Happy Nanny for May!  We have placed Sheena with two families previously and she is now looking for a new full time position to begin May 12.  Sheena has eight years of professional nanny experience and is looking for a great family she can stay with long term.  Sheena has a bachelors degree in Journalism from Georgia State and does freelance writing on the side.  If you are interested in meeting Sheena for an interview, contact us right away before Sheena gets snatched up by another family!

Sheena Roetman2

What part of Atlanta do you live?

Currently Decatur, but I’ll be moving to the midtown area in June.

Where are you from originally?

I grew up in Sharpsburg, Georgia and also a bit in Wyoming!

What language(s) do you speak?

I speak English fluently, have a two-year-old level vocabulary in Hindi and speak my tribal language, Lakota, fluently!

How long have you been a nanny?

Since 2006, so eight years.

Do you have a favorite age and why?

All kids are fun, but I really love the time between age two and age 10, because those ages seem to be the most active and the most curious. I love teaching and helping kids discover new things, and also sharing my favorite books and experiences from when I was that age.

Funniest nanny moment:

It’s really hard to pick just one! I think my favorite memory so far was last summer when one of the boys I watched had a tennis tournament that was about an hour and a half away. One of his teammates’ parents brought him, but his younger brother and I drove up to pick him up. We all went out for lunch and then drove home. The entire drive home we listened to The Muppets soundtrack and sang along with the windows down while the two boys played air guitar and air drums in the backseat. It was so silly and fun!

Favorite thing about being a nanny:

Again, I love seeing kids learn and grow, so my favorite thing would be anything that involves teaching them. I love reading new books to them or taking them to new places or to museums with new exhibits. And also just playing sports and telling jokes and stories.

What is your strongest quality as a nanny?

I think I’m really good at getting on the same level as kids. I can communicate with them easily because I remember what it was like to be that age and not understand what adults were talking about. I always try to use words and ideas that they’ll understand in order to teach them newer words and ideas. And I try to talk to them like they’re adults and always try to explain things to them, even if it’s just something simple and seemingly obvious, like “you can’t touch the stove top” or “ you can’t eat bugs.”

Favorite place to bring children on an outing in Atlanta:

It depends on the age, but either the Children’s Museum for younger kids or Fernbank for older ones.  I also really like taking them to the Old Fourth Ward skate park to watch skateboarders or the water playground to run through the fountains. Riding bikes on the Beltline and getting King of Pops afterward is also really fun!

Favorite activities to do with kids on a rainy day:

If there’s a movie of a book we’ve been reading, I like to let them watch the movie (parent-approved, of course), but first we make a blanket fort and cook a special snack. Cooking is an especially great thing to do when it rains – kids love to dump all the ingredients in and/or mix things with their hands!

What is your educational background?

I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and am working on a graduate certificate in geographic information systems.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to play with my dog, go on hikes, do yoga, go to festivals in the spring and fall and just generally enjoy being outdoors. I also dance at pow wows on the weekends and do some freelance journalism work on the side. I especially love to go home to Wyoming and visit my family!

When are you available to start a new position?

Monday, May 12!