Your Happy Nanny- Lulu Mwila


Our Your Happy Nanny for the month of March is Lulu Mwila.  We have placed Lulu with two different families through our agency and everyone loves Lulu!  Lulu has over 10 years of nanny experience and looking for a new full time position where she can stay with the family long term.  Lulu really cares to follow along with the parents wishes as to how they would like their children raised but can also offer her knowledgeable expertise in the childcare field to give parents suggestions.  She has a very calm, sweet personality that children respond well to.  Lulu is available to start a new full time position at the beginning of April!

What part of Atlanta do you live in? Gwinnett County

Where are you from originally? Zambia

What language(s) do you speak? English is my first language. I also speak beginners French and four Zambian dialects.

How long have you been a nanny? 15 years

Do you have a favorite age and why? It's hard to pick a favorite age because every stage in a child's growth and development is so unique and comes with such pleasant surprises and benefits. Newborns are so precious though!

Funniest nanny moment: I was in the process of potty training and also teaching a then 2 year old about taking turns/ sharing toys with her friends when she very confidently went potty (like a big girl, yay!) and insisted it was "Lulu's turn go potty".

Favorite thing about being a nanny: A huge part of my work requires me to be fun and creative!

What is your strongest quality as a nanny? My competence and patience

Favorite place to bring children on an outing in Atlanta: Children's Museum or Botanical Gardens

Favorite activities to do with kids on a rainy day: Arts and crafts, baking for older kids, fun animated story time, puzzles, and board games.

What is your educational background? Bachelor of Arts in Business

What do you like to do in your free time?  Volunteer at homeless shelters, music festivals, visit flea markets, movies, shopping, cooking and baking.

When are you available to start a new position?  04/01/2014