What is a night nurse and do I need one?

infantA night nurse (also called a night nanny, infant care specialist and similar to a postpartum doula) is someone who comes to your home around your infants bedtime and will stay overnight caring for your baby to let mom and dad get some much needed sleep! A good night nurse's goal is to not only get you sleep, but to also help your baby to start sleeping through the night.  They can also help you with other baby related tasks such as helping you work out a daily feeding and sleep schedule, baby's laundry, teaching you about general infant care, and assisting mom with breastfeeding.

A night nurse can be especially helpful for new parents.  The first few weeks after you bring the baby home from the hospital can be overwhelming (to say the least!).  It is nice to have an "expert" on hand who can answer all of your questions and offer suggestions and advice.

If you are expecting multiples, have an older child that you are caring for during the day as well and need to be rested for, are a first time parent, or are going back to work quickly after having a baby and need rest, a night nurse may be a good option for you and your family!

Some families will just use a night nurse for a week or two and others will use one for several months until the baby is sleeping through the night.  You can have them come during any time frame but most will work from around 7pm-7am.  They can work one night a week or seven nights per week.  The great thing about having a night nurse is you can really tailor it to your family's individual needs!

Your Happy Nest  can help you find an amazing night nurse to help you after your baby is born.  We suggest contacting us two months prior to needing a night nurse to guarantee we have someone available during the time frame you need.