Your Happy Nanny Cincinnati December -- Amanda Smith


Cincinnati's Your Happy Nanny is
Amanda Smith! 

What part of Cincinnati do you live in? I actually am located in Florence, KY, which is right across the bridge. Only 20 minutes away from downtown, Cincinnati!

Where are you from originally? I was born and raised in Florence, Kentucky!

What language(s) do you speak? English

How long have you been a nanny? I have been in childcare for 5+ years, and I have been a full time nanny for one summer. However, I am currently seeking my first full time long term nanny position!

Do you have a favorite age and why? I love all ages of children, but if I had to choose an age group it would be 1 year olds, because I just think they have the funniest personalities and I love their curiosity about the world.

Funniest nanny moment: My funniest childcare moment would be when I was watching 2 boys, and the oldest accidentally spilled his drink, and as I was trying to catch the cup before it actually spilled, I ended up knocking over my cup,  and his brother’s cup! Drinks went everywhere! The boys thought it was funny, it was quite the mess but I couldn’t help but laugh at the end of the day!

Favorite thing about being a nanny: My favorite thing about being a childcare provider is that I have the privilege to be a positive role model for others, and teach young minds about the world!

What is your strongest quality as a nanny? My strongest quality would be my ability to extreme multitask. In addition to childcare, I have been a server for the past 4 years, so I am able to do a lot of different things at one time, without becoming stressed out. I find this helpful with childcare because I can be doing things with the kids, and also make sure things are taken care of around the house.

Favorite place to bring children on an outing in Cincinnati: Although I haven’t taken children for outings yet in my nannying history, if I were to take them somewhere it would definitely be Totter's Otterville or the Museum Center, because it allows children to use their imagination while also learning!

Favorite activities to do with kids on a rainy day: I love having an arts and crafts “party” on a rainy day, making a bunch of things for their parents when they come home.

What is your educational background? I attended Thomas More College for roughly 3 years, I took some time off, but I am returning to college in the fall to finish my degree in Entrepreneurship with online and evening classes.

What do you like to do in your free time? In my free time I love to go to the movie theatre and watch any new movie that is out!

When are you available to start a new position? I am available to start as soon as possible!


Your Happy Nanny Cincinnati November 2016- Christiane Sears

We have a fantastic new candidate for November's nanny of the month!  Christiane is a seasoned nanny who has experience caring for children of all ages.  She enjoys spending quality time with children, doing arts & crafts, creative play, reading books, trips to museums, parks and the library.  Christiane is a humanitarian at heart.  She has a passion for helping the less fortunate and assisting with nonprofit organizations.  Christiane resides in the Cincinnati area and is a seeking a long term full time or part time position.  Schedule an interview with her asap through Your Happy Nest before another family snatches her up!


Where are you from originally? 

I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, although I haven’t lived in Cincinnati my whole life. As an adult, I’ve had the opportunity to live in several states around the country, as well as, overseas in Africa and Europe.

How long have you been a nanny?

I have been a nanny for eighteen years.

When did you know that working with children was your calling?

As a teenager, I volunteered at the YMCA. Several of us were there looking after the children, although most of the kids wanted to play with me. That’s when I realized kids were drawn to me and it was something I was naturally good at. Also during that time I realized how rewarding and fun it was to work with kids.

Do you have a favorite age and why? 

I love four year olds! They love learning and have lots of curiosity! It’s exciting to see them grow in independence and I appreciate their excitement in trying new things.

Funniest nanny moment:

I’m not sure if it was the funniest or the most embarrassing moment. A parent came home unexpectedly to find me and the kids dressed up in costume, dancing and singing to music. We had the music up pretty loud so I didn’t hear them come in. I was completely startled when I noticed them and screamed out loud, then, of course, laughed at the fact that they caught me acting so silly.

Favorite thing about being a nanny: 

I enjoy spending quality time with children: doing arts & crafts, creative play, dancing, giving hugs and high-fives, telling stories, reading books, riding bikes, skating, swimming, hiking, taking trips to museums, parks and the library. None of that sounds like work, does it?

What is your strongest quality as a nanny? 

Some of my strengths would be that I am patient, kind, calm and consistent. I believe it's important to instill morals and good values into a child's life. I do my best to help them learn to make good choices, treat others with respect, and be compassionate. Also I would say that I am very responsible and can be counted on. I follow through and stay true to my word. I am dependable.

Favorite place to bring children on an outing: 

There are so many fun places around our city. It’s hard to pick a favorite! I love taking the kids to Union Terminal. The Natural History & Science Museum, Cincinnati History Museum and the Children’s Museum are all located there. There are unlimited options for educational activities to do and the kids love going. Hiking at any of our Cincinnati Parks and going to the Ohio Renaissance Festival are great outings too!

What do you like to do in your free time?

I am a humanitarian at heart and have spent most of my life volunteering my time to help the less fortunate and assist nonprofits. I’ve spent time overseas as an International Humanitarian Aid Worker. I’ve traveled extensively throughout the country and around the world. I also enjoy the arts, adventure, and accomplishments. I was a supernumerary for the Cincinnati Opera. I once was a competitive bodyboarder and played a semi-professional sport for the Cincinnati Rollergirls. I am a photographer, avid ballroom dancer, artist and entrepreneur. I like to be creative and enjoy interior design. I love organization, cleaning out people's closets and making their home more functional. Animals and children have always been a big part of my life. I read daily and enjoy being outdoors.

Who is your hero?

First and foremost Jesus Christ is my hero and then I’d have to say Corrie Ten Boom.

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

A dry aged NY strip; lobster mac-n-cheese; salad with Asian pears, spiced walnuts, and gorgonzola; and cheesecake for dessert from the Capital Grille.

When are you available to start a new position?

Next week!