Start the year off right with a Family Assistant!

Happy new year from Your Happy Nest!  If you're anything like us, you've probably made a list of resolutions to help improve and simplify your life.  Have you considered hiring a Family Assistant to help you meet your new years goals? A Family Assistant is part nanny, part household manager.  Skilled in both child care and household management; a Family Assistant works to support your family's lifestyle, giving you more time to do the things you want to do.  A Family Assistant is flexible and can work with a family to create a unique position that adapts over time to meet the family's ever-changing needs.

Between work, managing a household, social obligations, and keeping up with family events, many parents find that the time they have available to spend with their children is rushed and overshadowed by a lengthy to-do list.  A Family Assistant can ease that pressure by taking care of day-to-day household maintenance.  

A Family Assistant can help with:

  • Running errands, grocery shopping, shopping for household goods
  • Laundry
  • Menu planning, cooking
  • Keeping the house tidy/organized
  • Scheduling appointments (plumber, pediatrician, vet, etc.)
  • Providing care for pets
  • Organizing photos, music, and other media
  • Maintaining a family calendar
  • Transporting children
  • Providing elder care
  • Organizing events

Additionally, a Family Assistant is skilled in providing top-quality child care.  Many families with a Family Assistant have school-age children or younger children who attend preschool for a portion of the day.  During school hours the Family Assistant works on household projects, then picks up the children and cares for them until the parent(s) return home.

Is a Family Assistant something that might improve your family's time together? If so, please give us a call!  We would love to find a great Family Assistant that can work to support your family's lifestyle and help you meet your goals for the new year!