Holiday bonus and gift ideas for your nanny!

What should I give my nanny for a holiday bonus- This time of year we get a lot of inquiries from our wonderful families on what an appropriate holiday gift would be for their nanny.

Your holiday gift can depend on several factors:

  • How long has your nanny been with your family?
  • Is she your full-time nanny or just an occasional fill in or babysitter?
  • Are you happy with the job your nanny is doing and do you want to keep her with your family for the long-term?

The typical rule of thumb for a regular nanny that works full or part-time hours is one to two weeks of pay. Families will also often give extra paid days off around the holidays as an added bonus. If you just have an occasional sitter or fill in nanny, a gift card for a massage, restaurant you know she likes or a handbag you know she has been eyeing are all appreciated gifts!

I also always suggest giving the nanny a handmade gift from your children. Nannies become nannies because they love children so they always appreciate a handmade picture frame with a picture of your child, a Christmas ornament made by your child or any other cute holiday craft you come up with!

At the end of the day, a holiday gift is a generous bonus and an opportunity for you to show your nanny how much you value their contribution to your family. Any gift that you feel is appropriate will be appreciated and accepted happily by your nanny.