Grocery Bag Gingerbread People Craft

Gingergirls With the holidays quickly approaching, I'm sure many of you, parents and nannies, are thinking, "How am I going to keep the children occupied all winter vacation long?" Well have no fear, Your Happy Nest is provide you with easy, at-home crafts that your children are sure to love!

First up are these adorable Grocery Bag Gingerbread People. My nanny children are busy learning about shapes, so we decorated ours with just that. However, you children might love using cotton balls, felt, or other materials you have hanging around the house.

Here's a quick step-by-step tutorial for making you very own Grocery Bag Gingerbread Person! Have fun!

  1. Gather your materials. You shouldn't need many! We used a paper grocery bag, scissors, markers, glue, and construction paper.


2. Cut open your grocery bag, so you can draw a gingerbread person on the side without print. Cut out your gingerbread person. We did all gingerbread girls because my nanny children are both little girls.


3.  Decorate your gingerbread person! We reviewed our shapes as we decorated our people. The girls loved it!


4. Hang your gingerbread person in a spot for the whole family to enjoy!