Creating a professional nanny portfolio

When interviewing for a nanny position, one of the best ways to stand apart from other nannies is to provide potential employers with a professional nanny portfolio.  This adds a personal touch to any interview and allows you to showcase your experience and education.  Additionally, a nanny portfolio is a demonstration of organization, dedication, and professionalism.  When interviewing, plan on leaving a copy of the nanny portfolio with the family.  

What to include:

Letter of introduction

A letter of introduction is your opportunity to tell families in your own voice what you have to offer as a nanny.  Do you love arts and crafts?  Are you skilled in providing newborn care?  Do you have experience with multiples?  This is the place to write about those things!  Give the family a personal window into who you are as a person and as a nanny


A professional resume is an essential part of any nanny portfolio.  Your resume should include your contact information (name, address, phone number, email address), objective, previous work experience as a nanny (as well as work in other childcare-related jobs), and your education.  You might also choose to include a list of qualifications and hobbies.

Certifications and certificates

Copies of all relevant certifications and certificates should be included in your Nanny Portfolio.  This might include copies of your CPR and First Aid certification, Water Safety Certification, Infant Care Certification, or certifications in positive discipline courses.  Include information on any training you have attended that relates to child care.

Letters of recommendation

If you have any letters of recommendation from families you have worked with previously they should be included in the nanny portfolio.

Sample daily log/schedule

A sample daily log shows organization, attention to detail, and can allow the family a glimpse into the type of day you might plan for their child/children.  Include a sample daily log or schedule for various ages (infant, toddler, preschool, etc.) to show flexibility in planning.


A list of current references is an important inclusion.  Ensure that phone numbers and email addresses are current, and notify any references that you might be listing so they’re not caught unprepared.


Including photos of yourself adds a personal touch and allows the family you’re interviewing with to view you in various scenarios.  Be sure to ask permission from parents before including any pictures of children you’ve worked with in the past.


A professional nanny portfolio should be well-organized, neat, and easy to navigate.   Keeping several updated copies on hand ensures that you’ll be ready for your next interview and will have a better shot at landing the job!