How a Household Manager Can Work for your Family!

Do you have difficulty accomplishing all of the necessary household tasks in your home each week? If you need assistance handling the many household tasks necessary to keep your household running smoothly, a family assistant or household manager might be a good option for your family! Families who hire a full time nanny may feel like they want to transition to a part time after school nanny after their child starts school, but there are many benefits to keeping a full time person with your family.

Typically, you will get a more dedicated, professional household employee when you are offering full time hours, and they will be more committed to your family long term. After school childcare roles tend to be filled by college students whose schedule can change from semester to semester and might not stick around over the summer. If you are a household with two working parents or if you are a single parent, it can be challenging to find child care when schools are closed for teacher workdays, holidays, and breaks throughout the year. When you already have a dedicated full time person helping your family, you know you will have coverage during the time when your kids don’t have school.

Here are some ideas for tasks that a household manager could take on while your children are in school:

Household manager.png
  • Meal Prep: This is a huge time saver for busy parents! If you find someone who likes to cook, they can prepare meals to freeze or to make you for dinner each night. Even if cooking isn’t their strong suit, they can still help do simple things like make containers of chopped fruits and veggies, cook chicken, eggs and other simple food prep to give you easy and healthy options for your family.

  • Grocery Shopping/Running Errands: This is a big one that many household managers will take on. You can make lists of what you need or have your household manager keep up with keeping the house stocked with food and any other household needs (paper goods, diapers, cleaning supplies, etc). Picking up dry cleaning and getting cars serviced is another task that you could ask your household manager to do.

  • Organization: You can have your household manager work on organizational tasks during the day to keep your house tidy and running efficiently! They can go through the children’s old clothes and take out clothes that don’t fit or are the wrong season. Other organizational tasks may include organizing pantries, closets,

  • Pet care: Many household managers assist with pet care by taking pets for walks, scheduling visits to the vet/groomer, and ensuring pet supplies are fully stocked.

  • Scheduling vendors: Household managers often handle the scheduling of other vendors for the family. This can include managing a schedule for housecleaners, gardeners, and pest control. Routine maintenance and repairs can also be handled by the household manager.

  • Researching child-related activities: Most school-age children are involved in extracurricular activities. A household manager can free up your time by researching music lessons, sports opportunities, and other extracurricular activities for your children. Household managers can also provide you with information about summer camps in your area and assist with birthday party planning. Outsourcing this time-consuming research gives you extra time to spend with your family when you're home from work.

  • Maintaining a family calendar: Many busy families have a master family calendar for keeping up with school events and projects, extracurricular activities, and social engagements. A household manager can help maintain your family calendar by ensuring that your children's activities are up to date. Whether you use a shared electronic calendar or a traditional paper calendar, keeping an accurate family calendar can help ensure every member of your family is where they need to be at the right time!

Does your family have a household manager? If so, we'd love to hear any tips you have for seamlessly incorporating a household manager or family assistant into your life! If you are searching for a household manager, we currently assist families in Atlanta & Augusta, GA, Charleston, SC and Cincinnati & Dayton, OH. Please visit our website at and choose your city from our main page for placement pricing and more info!