Your Happy Nanny Atlanta October -- Faith Mbisa


Your Happy Nest Atlanta is happy to introduce Faith Mbisa as our Your Happy Nanny for the month of October. Faith has previously been placed into two longterm positions through Your Happy Nest and has also done extensive fill-in nanny and babysitting work through the agency. She has excellent experience as a nanny to infants and also has worked as a household manager. She is calm, organized, and an excellent communicator! Contact Your Happy Nest today to schedule an interview with Faith! 

What part of Atlanta do you live in? Sandy springs

Where are you from originally?  Malawi (South Eastern Africa)

What language(s) do you speak? English & Chewa (Malawian Language)

How long have you been a nanny? 13 years

Do you have a favorite age and why? Don’t have a preference, each age is intriguing. I believe each age group is great and has their own little benefits. Newborns are gorgeous for cuddling and gazing at. Toddlers are amazing to watch as they discover the wide world around them and ALL their new skills. Preschoolers are still learning so much about the world around them, it's just so amazing to watch and be a part of this. School-aged children are awesome to work with because they have so much knowledge and you can share so much with them.

Funniest nanny moment: The kids I was taking care of a few years ago decided to play a prank on me. They locked me outside the house while plying hide & go seek. Unbeknownst to them, I always have a key on me in case something like this ever happened. I played along like I didn’t have a key. I even pretended to cry, then the boys felt sorry for me and opened the door.

Favorite thing about being a nanny:  As a nanny you become someone else: an adventurer, an explorer, a comedian, or even a play toy. Whether it's dressing up as a princess or pretending to be a monster, you always know how to make your little person laugh and giggle with delight. Being a nanny also gives you valuable experience for the day you yourself become a mom. You will always remember the bedtime rituals, favorite foods, and continually replayed cartoons when you have a little one of your own.

What is your strongest quality as a nanny?  I make a commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of the children in my care. I am proactive, creative, enthusiastic, reliable & responsible.

Favorite place to bring children on an outing in Atlanta:  Zoo Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium, Children’s Museum of Atlanta

Favorite activities to do with kids on a rainy day:  LEGO-LAND Discovery Center, Library, Sky zone

What is your educational background? Associate Degree in Sociology (working on my Bachelors online)

What do you like to do in your free time? I love soccer or anything sports related. I enjoy volunteering and giving back to the community, also traveling and exploring the world.

What special skills do you bring to a family as their nanny? I am CPR & First Aid Certified. I have a basic understanding of child development and a reserve of patience. I am safety conscious, a great communicator, flexible & have a nurturing spirit.

When are you available to start a new position? Immediately