Part-time Nanny Needed in Brookhaven

A Brookhaven family is in need of a flexible part-time nanny to care for their sweet and independent 16-month-old boy.  The hours will vary from week to week but will fall within the hours of Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM.  The family can work with the nanny's schedule to a degree and will have a full schedule available one month in advance.  Some weeks will have 15-20 hours, and others could have up to 40 hours.  This is a great position for a nanny who is looking for guaranteed income and can work with the family's changing needs.  The family is guaranteeing 40 - 50 hours biweekly, offering 1 week paid vacation, 3 paid sick days, paid holidays, and use of a nanny car and/or mileage reimbursement.   No pets.  This position begins as soon as the right person is found!  If you are interested in this position please reference the Brookhaven Part-time Position when applying.  

Nanny Requirements:

- Must have a flexible schedule.  The family's needs change from week to week, so nanny should be available Monday - Friday between the hours of 9AM - 6PM.  The schedule will be available one month in advance, and the family can work with other commitments within reason.
- Willing to assist with household tasks including the child's laundry, meal prep for the child, general tidiness in the child's room and common areas, and dishes.
- Willing to take the child to classes (Gymboree, music class, swim class) and on outings (library, zoo, museum etc).  Should be comfortable with mom in attendance at times.
- Willing to observe the child and give him an opportunity to warm up; he is current experiencing some separation anxiety so nanny should be sensitive to his cues
- Comfortable with a parent who is sometimes home while nanny is providing care
- Opportunities for travel and weekend babysitting are available with this position (though not a requirement)

If interested in this position and you have never applied to our agency PLEASE CLICK HERE and reference the Brookhaven Part-time Position when applying.

If you have previously submitted an application, please email and reference the Brookhaven Part-time Position.